Who We Are

What We Do

Bulland Investments is a special purpose company, specialized in agricultural land investments. It functions as an investment fund that raises capital by issuing stock to the public and invests it in real estate properties.

Capital and Stock

The company was established in 2005 with a capital of BGN 500 000. Three public offerings were made since then, which raised the capital to BGN 13 017 889. The company's stock is traded on the Unofficial market of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia.

Laws and License

Bulland Investments is a public company and its activites are in accordance with the Special Investment Purpose Companies Act and the Public Offering of Securities Act. The company was licensed by the Financial Supervision Commision to act as a special purpose entity on 25 January 2006.


Investment Objectives

Our main purpose is to make sure that our investors get a growing stock value as well as income from dividends. The investment objectives of Bulland Investmemts are as follows:

  • long-term investments in agricultural land that is used for agricultural production;
  • consolidation of the acquired land with the aim of increasing its value and attractiveness for agricultural producers;
  • renting-out the acquired land properties to big agricultural producers;
  • management of the acquired land properties, i.e. choosing when to sell or barter them;
  • creating a diversified portfolio consisting of agricultural properties in different regions of the country and of different type;
  • acquiring other real estate related to agricultural production;
  • acquiring agricultural properties with the aim of changing their purpose;
  • selling the properties whose purpose has been changed at a higher price;
  • development of buildings on the properties whose purpose has been changed with the long-term aim of renting them out or selling them (also on lease);
  • acquiring non-agricultural properties (land and/or buildings) with the aim of renting them out or selling them at a higher price (also on lease);
  • acquiring real estate with the special purpose of renting them out on an operating or financial lease.