Real Estate Appraisal

Before acquiring a real estate or any other receipt, the special purpose company has to choose one or more qualified experts to appraise it. The price that the special purpose company acquires the real estate or other receipt at cannot be considerably higher than that resulting from the appraisal. The price for selling it cannot be lower than the one from the appraisal. The only exception to this rule is when there are extraordinary events present. The members of the Board of Directors of Bulland Investments have chosen the following licensed property valuators to appraise the acquired real estates:


Genova Consult Ltd.

The company is specialized in consulting, design, marketing, engineering, research, and implementation activities in the field of construction. It also carries out valuations of real estate, machines and equipment, whole organizations and intellectual property.


Rialand Ltd.

The company is specialized in the preparation of expert valuations of all kinds of movable and immovabal property, including agricultural land.