Non-Agricultural Properties

Real Estate Properties in Sofia Municipality

Real estate propertie in Sofia Municipality, with a total area of 41.25 sq.m. and underground with total area of 4.14 sq. m.  in Sofia, Dianabad area.


Real Estate Properties in Sofia

Two real estate properties, located at 40 “Knjaginja Tamara” Str., Sofia, Poduene with total area of 127.08 sq.m. and underground garages wit total area of 60.06 sq. m.


Office Building

A real estate property, located at 57 "Haydushka Polyana" Str., "Krasno Selo", Sofia. It is a four-floor office with a total built-up area of 1 011,40 sq. m. The whole office building has been rented out.


Real Estate Properties in Pchelinovo, Gurkovo Municipality, Stara Zagora District

Real estate properties in Pchelinovo, Gurkovo municipality, Stara Zagora district with an area of 12 399 sq. m.


Real Estate Property in Tvarditza

An agricultural property that has a cowshed, a calf barn, a pigsty, a silo, a fodder kitchen and a metal hall, with a total built-up area of 5 836 sq. m. and 24 670 deka.


Real Estate Propertiy in Stara Zagora

A real estate property, located at 149 "General Stoletov" Str., Stara Zagora. It is commercial area of 54,31 sq. m.


Real Estate Properties in Obelya, Sofia Municipality

Four adjacent real estate properties with a total area of 7 693 sq. m. close to the ring road near Obelyq, Sofia municipality. Two of the properties are agrucultural land, while the other two are unregulated land.


A Real Estate Property in Ledenik, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

A real estate property with an area of 7 501 sq. m. in Ledenik, Veliko Tarnovo municipality. It is a field, whose purpose has been changed and faces the main road Sofia - Varna.