Properties Rented Out

A “Showroom and a car service Renault – Nissan” in Ledenik village Veliko Tarnovo District

A “Showroom and a car service Renault – Nissan” have been built on the company’s property in Ledenik village, Veliko Tarnovo district on the main road Sofia – Varna


Real Estate Propertiy in Obelya, Sofia Municipality

A real estate property N 024057 in Obelya, Sofia municipality with a total area of 7 792 sq. m. and a metal building constructions - car-service with total built area of 2656 sq. m.


Office Building in “Krasno Selo” region, Sofia

A real estate property, located at 57 “Haydushka Polyana” Str., “Krasno selo”, Sofia. It is a four-floor office with a total built-up area of 1 011.40 sq. m. The whole office building has been rented out.